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trowa profile

trowa: "I have no name,but if you must call me something call me trowa...trowa barton"

alias:Trowa Barton
Ethnic origin:german,french,latin???
birth place:L3 colony
skills:skilled acrobat,clown and spy
family:Catherine Bloom(allegeadly)

The acrobatic Trowa(or triton) is often dubbed as being silent but it is not that he's silent he just speaks when he feels the need for it. Because of this he gets on well with heero,another pilot who appreciates his own space. Trowa also has a special friendship with quatre possibly because quatre showed him how to be kind and brought out the humanity in him.

When trowa was only 3 years old a bomb exploded which seperated him from his sister and killed his parents. Trowa was taken in by a group of mercenaries and since he was so young and couldn't rember his name they called him Nanshi-or no name .Later on in his life when he was about 10 he met a girl called midi une who he rescued but it turned out she was just leading the enemy to them.  The only two to survive were trowa and midi.Thensome years later when when he was between the years of 14 and 15  he was working as a mechanic wehere he witnessed the murder of the "real" trowa barton by doctor s and one of his men and voluntered to take the "real" Trowa's place as pilot of the Gun toing heavyarms.

When Trowa reaches earth he joins a circus troop which allows him to conceal his identity whilst constantly traveling around.He later on loses his memory and only regains it when he uses the wing zero to rescue Catherine.

Trowa is my favourite character because he is the one I most relate to.Like him I rarely speak not because I'm unfriendly but because alot of the time I don't feel the need for it.