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heavyarms(gundam 03)

trowa: "I didn't get to use the self-destruct mechanisim. Just as usual...."

head height:16.7 meters
dry weight:7.7tonnes
armour:gundanium alloy
weapons:vulcanx2,machine cannonx2,beam gatlingx1,homing misslex6, gatlingx2, micro misslesx24 and an army knifex1.

ability levels:fighting   :110
                       speed    :110
                       power    :140
Pesonally the gundam Heavyarms is not my favourite gundam.Mostly because of the colour scheme. I Think that it would have looked better in black or green and white like the altron. It's not that I don't like the actual gundam cause I do I love the beam gattling gun and especially the army knife but it just doesn't look right to me. If you  disagree you can e-mail me at the contact me section.