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other pilots
heero yuy
The star of the show often described as being the perfect     
soldier he appears only to think about his misson.That is of course
until he meets Relena and when he decides                                                                                                             
not to kill her we see that he is human afterall.Heero
pilots the wing gundam at he start which has the ability to
turn into a jet plane for faster travel.It also has a beam
sword and a buster rifle.
Later on in the series he recieves the wing gundam zero
which has the powerful zero system installed and makes
the pilot feel that they are the gundam.heero is probably
my least favourite character of all as he seems so cold and heartless

duo maxwell
The shows comic relief but if hes so go lucky and light hearted why
does he call himself "shimigami" or "god of death" .This is revealled in the zero
episode of the series which i don't want to spoil for anyone  who han't
seen it but i recommend you go out and get it now.Duo is the pilot that always
seems to be down on his luck as is seen every time he tries to self detonate
his gundam.He pilots probably the most popular gundam in the series the gundam
deathscythe.I can see why deathscythe is the most popular inthe series due to its
 cool colour scheme and the fact it has a scythe one of the coolest and most destructive
weapons in the series.

quatre raberba winner
The moral compass of the group, quater is kind and empathic towards others and is the
one who brings the gundam pilots together for the final fight. Quatre pilots the the
gundam sandrock which has two curved metal sowrds called shorters which quatre can use to
to slice his opponents in half.Quatre is convinced that by destroying OZ he will be able
to bring peace to the colonies and directly went against his fathers wishes of total pacifism to
fight in his gundam .Quatre si also highly intewlligent and a good tactician as we see when he defeats dorothy catalonia in spaec when she is controling the mobile dolls

Wufei chang
Wufei is the solitaryc haracter of the series and prefers to work alone thinking that he is
superiour to the other pilots.When he is defeated in a duel with treize kushrenada we are able to see
that he actually suffers from low self-esteem and has an inferioroty complex which he shouldn't because he is certainly in the top 3 pilots in the whole series.We also see that he is smart as well as he is the only pilot who didn't fall for treizes' trick to let the gundam pilots think theywere assinateing him
when they were actually taking out  the alliance leaders and leaving a door open for OZ to take over.
He has a vendetta against treize because he sent troops to wufei's home colony and they killed his wife(yes wufei was married but nobodys sure wether they loved each other or not)in battle

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