trowa's gundam fan site
Welcome to my trowa site!

this is dedicated to the coolest pilot around

I'm new to website designing and thought that I'd start by building a shrine to who I think is hte best piolit in the series.

At this site you'll find Trowa info, mecha on his kick ass gundam "heavyarms", stuff on his sister Catherine and some and some trowa and duo pics in the gallery section. Also you can e-mail me and tell me what you think of the site(please if you're going to complain keep it short)

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trowa: "I cant let anyone who see my gundam live.  That is my duty"

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My name is Trowa Barton.
I was adopted by *neil*.
Even though I wear a clown suit,
I am no one's fool.
Anyone who brings harm
to *his* website
shall not live to tell about it...
Adopted at Dragon Tears
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alot of my images(nearly all) came  from this site so i  would appreciate it if you gave it a vist cause i think its the best gundam site on the net

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